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Rainbow Polka Dot Dog Socks

Rainbow Polka Dot Dog Socks

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Get these groovy colourful socks with your dogs face on! 

  • Upload a clear photo and we'll cut around your dogs face and add them to these socks
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Made from soft poly-cotton


Photo Guide:

  1. Ensure we can clearly see their face in the photo and their face isn't cut off.
  2. Tell us on your order notes if you don't wish us to use a certain face in the photo.
  3. Don't upload blurry or pixelated photos.
  4. Make sure the lighting is good in the photo and the photo isn't a dark photo. 
  5. Natural lighting coming onto the face is always best.
The better quality photo, the more your socks smile! 


Womens: 4-7 UK / 6-9 US 
Mens: 6-8.5 UK / 6-8.5 US 
Mens: 9-11.5 UK / 9-12 US

*Please enquire if you require a different size

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